5 Foods you can find in Portobello Road Market and their history.

Portobello Road Market has a wide variety of tasty foods from across the globe. From exotic mushrooms to sumptuous seafood and meat, Portobello offers more than just antiques and vintage fashion.

Portobello Road Market is one of the famous street markets in the world where you can find a wide variety of foods from fresh produce, exotic ingredients to delicious hot food. Most of the vegetable and fruit stalls are family-owned businesses that can be traced up to the fourth generation. Some of the foods you can find in Portobello market include; exotic mushrooms, meat, fish, cheese and olives.


1.Exotic mushrooms from different parts of the world


One can find a wide variety of mushrooms at the Mushroom Man Stall in Portobello Market from Monday to Friday. Mushroom Man outsources these mushrooms from all over the world for any season. Both cultivated and wild mushrooms can be found in Portobello Market.


2.Fresh, tasty fish and tantalizing seafood


Fish lovers will also have something to eat and carry home when they visit Portobello market. Fish and seafood such as squid, hake and red mullet are sold in the fish stalls of Portobello street market. People can find plenty of fish on Fridays and Saturdays.


3. Fine tasting olives and Mediterranean foods


Olive Bar offers different types of olives, feta, and Mediterranean hot food. It opens on all days except Sunday, and you can thus enjoy Mediterranean foods on most weekdays. You can also find olive oils and balsamic vinegar at Vito stall on Fridays and Saturdays. You can get fine tasting Mediterranean foods at K West Hotel located along the famous Portobello Road.


4.Excellent game and domestic meat

Along the meat section of the Portobello market, you will find fresh domestic meat such as mutton, beef, and goat meat. You will also get special chicken meat such as the French corn-fed chicken and the Scottish haggis. Game meat lovers will indulge in guinea fowl and rabbit meat among others. You can get meat any day of the week except on Sunday when most meat stalls are closed.


5.Sweet tasting bread, cakes, and pastries

You can find over 20 different types of bread on Saturdays and Fridays at the Bread Stall located along the Portobello Street Market. You can also get pastries such as the sweetened short-crust pastry, flaky pastry, filo, and the choux pastry. Various types of cakes are also available at the Bread Stall throughout the week.

Portobello street market is one of the famous places to visit when in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London. From precious antiques to vintage fashions and exquisite foods, there is much to see and experience in Portobello Road Market. The next time you visit London, create some time to have lunch at one of the high-end restaurants along the world famous Portobello Road.


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