Top museums to visit in Florence

Florence is rich in culture, history, art and fun. With a little guidance, you can
achieve your intended purpose in Florence.


Cathedral Museum: A must visit for Christian believers.


The cathedral museum of Florence is a spiritual goldmine for all Christians visiting
Florence. The building was founded in the late 19th century. The sculptures, paintings
and the buildings explain the ancient Christian personalities and their culture. At the front of the museum, many statues are placed strategically for ease of recognition. Among the priceless collections found in the cathedral are the silver altar and room of Pope Bonifacial the eighth. Sculptures in the cathedral museum date back to the 13th century.


Archaeological museum: the historical museum


The archaeological museum is a host to old collections like the famous ‘Chimera of Arezzo.’ The museum has two major sections the Italian and Egyptian section. The Egyptian section showcases Egyptian collections like the legendary 18th dynasty chariot and the royal sarcophagus. In the Italian section sculptures of Italian history like the head of emperor Trebonianus Gallus dating back to 253 AD. The museum is home to more than 14000 sculptures. All the collections of the ancient history dating more than 400BC are found here.


Leonardo da Vinci Museum: the most educative museum in Florence


The museum exhibits the work of a celebrated scholar Leonardo da Vinci who ventured in science and mathematics. This museum acts as an inspiration for young children where science and mathematical principles are presented in models. The museum has five sections grouping similar disciplines like mechanisms, earth, water, air and fire. Among the most inspiring collections are the flying machine, the mower, boat propellers and the tank. The Leonardo da Vinci museum presents the primary inspiration to many current technologies like the parachute, artillery machines, hydraulic saw and hygrometer. By the end of your tour of this museum, you will see the signature of Leonardo da Vinci and his self-portrait.


Ufizzi museum: the hub for ancient and contemporary art


Ufizzi museum is home to works by early Renaissance artists. The museum was built in the 16th century but holds artwork dating back to the 14th century. Paintings by renowned artist like Piero Della Francesca are secured within the walls of this magnificent building. Ufizzi is a home for ancient manuscripts like the Codex Leicester which was written by Leonardo da Vinci; a famous scholar of the 15th century. If you are an art enthusiast, you must create enough time to visit Ufizzi if you visit Florence. In addition to having ancient paintings, Ufizzi houses modern art.




Before visiting Florence ensure that you identify what you want to achieve and research thoroughly. Book early the place you intend to visit and plan for your accommodation. If you are visiting for the first time, FI-bnb apartments will help you get the ideal accommodation during your stay.


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