5 Unique Ways to Make a Wedding in Bangkok Special.


Wedding days are always a special day for the bride and groom. The couple can incorporate a few unique styles and venues to make that day special. Bangkok is a beautiful city with great views of the ocean and the landscape. The couple can have fun creating a unique wedding on this Island.


  1. Pre-ceremony cocktails for the guest to enjoy


Most of the weddings don’t offer drinks till after the ceremony. The couple can decide to surprise their guests by having cocktails offered during the event. The table can be filled with light beverages to cool the guest off.



  1. Garden wedding- rent out a garden space

Bangkok has gorgeous gardens filled with beautiful trees and flowers. If the couple is in love with nature having a garden wedding can be a great idea. The gardens are amazing filled with a cool breeze, and the air is fresh, making it the perfect venue for a wedding.



  1. Hotel weddings- check out the best hotel reception for weddings

Having a wedding in a hotel is a great idea since you don’t have to decorate the reception. If the couple is looking for wedding hotel Bangkok they can try the Lancaster Bangkok which offers a great venue. An advantage to having a wedding in a hotel is the fact that the couple doesn’t have to deal with food and drinks for their guests.


  1. Beach weddings- nothing looks glamorous like a beach wedding

Bangkok has some of the most amazing beaches with calm water and gorgeous sandy beaches. Having a wedding on the beach always looks like a fantasy. The couple can have a perfect wedding set on some of the private beaches in the area. They can get to enjoy the magnificent views of the ocean and feel the cool breezes.



  1. Custom stamps- curve the initials of the couple at strategic places

This gives a unique and carefree touch to the wedding. Having the initials of the couple around the wedding venue is a great way to incorporate style and uniqueness to the wedding. The initials can be kept at places that show the direction to the washroom or reception.



Making a wedding unique and stand out is the dream of every couple. The couple looks for a great and unique way to make that day a success and memorable.



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